High-end draining and reducing cocktail contains
5 vials x 10 ml
  • Artichoke
  • L carnitine.
  1. Speeds up metabolism.
  2. Reduce the cholesterol.



An active body is a healthy body!
Complementing the liporeduction aesthetic treatments and activating the body’s natural functions is ideal to achieve greater benefits.
It prevents the accumulation of liquids, eliminates toxins and waste substances, activates the metabolism and potentiates the action of reducing products, with the help of an activating and draining solution, whose ingredients (l-carnitine and artichoke) contribute widely to activate the essential functions of your body.
Artichoke: it makes you lose weight, but they are also highly recommended to reduce cholesterol, for those who suffer from hypertension and for any disease that improves with the elimination of water such as uric acid. It is also very good for the liver and supports biliary function, although they are much more popular as a dietary supplement.
L- Carnitine: it is a natural substance that has slimming properties, which acts by transporting the fatty acids accumulated in the body for their degradation, thanks to this mechanism it is possible to burn fat.

Alcanza mejores resultados y luce tu figura ideal.


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