Highly effective toning cocktail, contains:

  • Organic silicon
  • Striated muscle
  • Vitamin C
  • Sodium pyruvate
  • Trace elements


  1. Levantamiento de glúteos.
  2. Mejora notablemente la apariencia de la celulitis y estrías.
  3. Reafirma.
  4. Nutre.

Organic silicon: it is used for cases of flaccidity, since it allows to recover the elasticity, shine, smoothness and turgor of the skin of the face, preventing its aging.

Striated Muscle: It is a natural anabolic biostimulant, which favors the increase of muscle mass and improves tone thanks to its amino acids and proteins.



Beautiful from head to toe!

A healthy face and body are synonymous with an excellent care routine, so it is essential to tone and take care of the skin with revitalizing treatments that help us maintain its structure and firmness.

There are countless natural ingredients and active ingredients that are responsible for reversing (to a large extent) premature aging. For example, organic silicon is an essential trace element found in all the cells of our body, essential to gain firmness in the skin, nails, hair and connective tissues, intervening in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well Sodium pyruvate, striated muscle, and vitamin C itself work together to restore radiance, hydration, and nutrients lost over time to your skin.

Use Reafir Body to visibly improve the skin of areas such as the face and buttocks.


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