Powerful natural antioxidant with a preventive action against free radicals.


  • Contributes to the formation of new collagen, which provides greater elasticity, firmness and smoothness in the skin.
  • Nourishes, counteracts damage caused by 90% of the signs of aging.




Show off the skin you want to have

The passage of time causes the tissues to oxidize, producing a greater number of free radicals, this, accompanied by bad habits such as alcohol consumption, tobacco, stress, insomnia, among others, increases the number of radicals even more. free aging our skin in an accelerated way.

The use of sunscreen, antioxidants and body treatments can nourish, eliminate toxins and localized fat from our body. One of the main benefits of vitamin C is concentrated in reducing the damage caused by free radicals and pollution, in addition to preventing the appearance of wrinkles, participating in the reproduction of collagen and elastin, providing luminosity, improving tone of the skin and helping the production of melanin, achieving a rejuvenating effect.

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100 ml, 50 ml


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